This year -for the first time- we are going to extend the scope of our  course include to an additional instrument. Christian Bakanic will offer a special course for accordion players. In recent years the duo of clarinet and accordion has been increasingly established on the scene and so we  would like to provide a platform to this particular line-up.

We'd be very pleased if young ensembles who wish to study and expand the repertoire and players who want to start an ensemble would attend this year's course. We'll try some new approaches and will bring a lot of new literature to Hartberg.

In the past years students were very enthusiastic about our preparations for and simulations of auditioning. So we'll continue with that. Whoever wants to take his or her first steps in arranging or re-arringing pieces of the clarinet reprtoire will also be taken care of very well!

Playing the clarinet is a holistic body experience and therefore we pay a lot of attention to the combination of breathing, posture and movement.

In previous years we noticed how rich and fruitful the exchange among players of different technical levels can be. Sometimes a slightly different approach to music , a new angle on a musical interpretation or a certain looseness can be very helpful to solve a problem.

I'd like to use this preface to stress again how pleased we are about each participant who is interested in making progress on his or her intstrument and who would like to get to know new facets of the clarinet.

We look forward to your visit and attendance of the 2019 edition of Hartberg’s ClariArte plus!

 Helmut Hödl