Dear course participants,

This year as in previous ones we will continue our tried and tested course system.
Our main assets as teachers are stylistic variety, clarinet-related expertise  and decades of teaching experience which we can offer. There is not a single problem related to our instrument we didn’t have to solve. However, we don’t work as competitors, but as an ensemble – also in the teaching context.
This peer interaction is very important for us as teachers. Each one of us has collected specific experience and is more than willing to pass it on .

We'd be very pleased if young ensembles who wish to study and expand the repertoire and players who want to start an ensemble would attend this year's course. We'll try some new approaches and will bring a lot of new literature to Hartberg.

Playing the clarinet is a holistic body experience and therefore we pay a lot of attention to the combination of breathing, posture and movement.

I'd like to use this preface to stress again how pleased we are about each participant who is interested in making progress on his or her intstrument and who would like to get to know new facets of the clarinet.

There is no other course in Europe for clarinettists which covers such a wide spectrum  of themes relevant to this instrument: solo literature, clarinet chamber music, jazz improvisation, breathing techniques, technical problems concerning the instrument itself, arranging, music management, auditioning ...

We look forward to your visit and attendance of the 2018 edition of Hartberg’s ClariArte!


Helmut Hödl

vienna clarinet conection